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Matthew Thies

Audio Designer, Computer Games

I'm Matthew Thies and I'm seeking a game audio position on the west coast.

Matthew Thies's Bio:

Matthew Thies is a game audio designer and electronic musician in Austin, TX.  He has received audio designer credits on games published by Nintendo, Disney Interactive, and Sony Online Entertainment.  He received a Bachelor of Music in Music Synthesis from Berklee College of Music and a Master of Arts at the University of Texas.  His masters project demonstrated a viable method for controlling game audio with biosignals.

Matthew Thies's Experience:

  • Audio Scripter at Retro Studios - Nintendo

    Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze - WiiU o Implementation of ambient, environment, prop, and character audio o Audio asset mixing o Experience assimilating proprietary toolset

  • Technical Audio Designer at Junction Point Studios - Disney Interactive

    Epic Mickey 2 - Wii, Xbox 360, and PS3 o Management of audio memory budget o Design and implementation of character, environment, cutscene, and physics audio o Environmental reverb implementation o Music system maintenance and debugging o Gen 3 surround mixing o Foley recording for unique character and prop audio libraries o Collaboration with Programming and Design for improved audio event scripting o Coordination with Art, Design, and Programming for pipeline improvements o Technical document writing for audio team o High bug fix rate

  • Audio Designer at Sony Online Entertainment

    DC Universe Online - PC and PS3 Magic the Gathering: Tactics - PC and PSN Dungeon Overlord - Facebook o Design and implementation of character, environment, weapons, and UI audio o Voice over recording, editing, and processing o Voice acting and creature effects

  • Audio Engineer at Ignite! Learning

    o Voice over recording, editing, mixing, and pipeline improvements o Design of character and motion graphic audio

  • Audio Engineer at Freelance

    o A1, A2, and recordist for concerts, theater, special events, and video production. o Clients: AVTS, Green Hat Event Design, PSAV, Scottish Rite Theater

Matthew Thies's Education:

  • The University of Texas at Austin

    Master of Arts
    Concentration: Media Studies
  • Berklee College of Music

    Bachelor of Music
    Concentration: Music Synthesis

Matthew Thies's Interests & Activities:

Human computer interaction, audio design, DSP, implementation, electronic music

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